Proportional Hydraulics Training Program

Proportional Hydraulics Training Program – Hydraulic drives, thanks to their high power intensity, are low in weight and require a minimum of mounting space. They facilitate fast and accurate control of very high energies and forces. The hydraulic cylinder represents a cost-effective and simply constructed linear drive. Combination of these advantages opens up a wide range of applications for hydraulics in mechanical engineering, vehicle construction and aviation.

The increase in automation makes it ever more necessary for pressure, flow rate and flow direction in hydraulic systems to be controlled by means of an electrical control system. The obvious choice for this are hydraulic proportional valves as an interface between controller and hydraulic system. Designed to familiarize delegates with the construction and operation of proportional hydraulic valves, this training investigates the function of control amplifiers.

Proportional Hydraulics Training Program introduces the use of proportional, directional and pressure control valves and explains their construction, operation and response characteristics. The connection and adjustment of the control amplifier is explained and its operation investigated in the practical exercises. A Programmable Logic Controller is used in the practical sessions, therefore the course includes an overview of its function and operation.

0812 2681 1987

Proportional Hydraulics Training Outline 


  1. SI units and conversions
  2. Review of conventional hydraulic control
  3. Overview of PLC control
  4. Fundamentals of proportional control
  5. Proportional pressure relief valves
  6. Proportional amplifiers
  7. Measuring valve hysteresis
  8. Setting maximum and minimum valves
  9. Ramps
  10. Proportional directional control valves
  11. Setting valve flow rates
  12. Positional control of cylinders
  13. Link of proportional controls to PLC

Training Method

  • Presentation
  • Discussion
  • Simulation
  • Case Study
  • Evaluation


  • All personnel involved in the installation and maintenance of proportional hydraulic devices and control systems.

Time and Venue

  • Silahkan hubungi kami untuk mendapatkan informasi jadwal terbaru
  • Inhouse Training kami laksanakan sesuai request dari perusahaan
  • Untuk Request Pelatihan Online Bisa Menghubungi Kami

Training Cost 

  • Rp. 6.500.000/participant/non-residential
  • Rp. 5.700.000/participant/minimum 3 participants from the same company

Training Facilities

  • Training Handout
  • Flash disk
  • Certificate
  • Exclusive Souvenir
  • Qualified Bag
  • Training Photo
  • Training room with full AC facilities and multimedia
  • Once lunch and twice coffee break every day of training
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Transportation from airport / railway to hotel and from hotel to the training venue (2 person from one company)

0812 2681 1987

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